Italian Golfer Matteo Manassero Makes The Switch To Callaway Golf Clubs

Bearwood Golf Club, where Reading FC intends to build 17 football pitches Last year the Championship football club agreed a deal to buy Bearwood Golf Club, which will see it build 17 football pitches there, almost doubling its current set up of nine pitches at a different location. However, environmental expert Tony Hanson has written to the Premier Leagues Elite Player Performance Program (EPPP), which could provide funding to Reading FC that will help with the move, to warn that there is a potential environmental side effect of the plan. My understanding is that the funding provided by the Premier League under the EPPP is the main driver behind Reading FCs desire to maintain their academy, which must relocate from its current site. My concern is that the EPPP will be responsible for the replacement of a biodiverse habitat with 17 football pitches that will provide no biodiversity at all. Mr Hanson said the proposed academy would be situated on a UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Habitat an estate of mixed woodland, orchards and some pasture.

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Reading FC’s golf plan ‘not eco friendly’

It may be seen as a gamble to change equipment at such a crucial stage of his career, especially after what happened to Rory McIlroy last year, but Manassero is convinced the switch will only do him good. “After testing lots of different products, I am very happy to be joining Callaway and I am really excited to use their whole range of equipment,” said Manassero, already a four-time winner on Tour.

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