In The Nike Laboratory Where It Creates New Baseballs

LeBron James scores career-high 61 points: ‘Like I had a golf ball, throwing it to the ocean’

AP Photo/J Pat Carter you can even see slivers of the external area of the ball. Company Expert More of your competitorsis golf balls.

We were invited to look around, but asked not to touch anything. Heat instructor Erik Spoelstra walked into his postgame news conference with a confession: He almost got David out following the thirdquarter. He didnt. Good call. He was in a fantastic groove, clearly, Spoelstra said. Heres how good David was on this night: Al Jefferson finished with 38 points and 19 rebounds for the Bobcats, making him just the fourth player in the past six months to hold a stat line that way. No one noticed. You eliminate his 61 items, Jefferson said, and we still had a fighting chance there by the end. Yes, possibly the Bobcats were marveling at John. He was reaching from everywhere, even a 3-pointer from about 30-feet Spoelstra joked it was from 40 late in the 3rd quarter, whilst the crowd roared and Heat table jumped with pleasure. Yeah, that was a designed play, Spoelstra deadpanned. Weve been focusing on that one for a while. When he believed he was in the center of a specific evening, that was the minute, James mentioned. I thought very good within the first half but halftime can usually kind of derail things and slow things up, David said.

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