Van Skeptical Mailbag: Why Pga Tour Hopefuls Are Scrambling To Canada

Lets go to the Van Skeptical Mailbag: Van Ruthless, After a weekend largely without Tiger, Phil or Rory, when do ad-males start driving Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson in to the limelight? — Kokomice via Facebook DJ has-been featuring in TaylorMade advertisements for a few years, K-mice, and now hes got one with his girlfriend, the lovely Paulina Gretzky. Bubba now brings laughs eating a doughnut in a PGA Tour offer for the website and has appeared in numerous Ping ads. Theyll get perhaps more nightclub once they start racking up more wins. Tour provides 3 occasions

The PGA stated it needs time to restructure the tournament and create new relationships in Omaha.

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