Prime Poker Tweets Of The Week: Hellmuth Poisoned, Ausmus’ Golf Incident

Closed the brakes up-on a high grade and switched my basket over. Our spouse bailed and I fortunately escaped with a minor head injury and scratches. Phil Hellmuth Had food-poisoning last couple days, today my wife has same, unpleasant: dont ask! Philip Collins Hello guys, it looks like Chicken is plugged from facebook now. Think we could say whatever we want. Exactly What A dumb country name am I right? Social media is merely hated by turkeys infected POS govt doesnt. Theyre number 1 on earth in writers in prison also with 40. Beautiful people and country. Vanessa Selbst Ive been viewing @Raw_Nit and @g0lfa go serious in everything in sight therefore I chose to attempt to grab their solution powers.

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